Funny Food Delivery Stories That'll Brighten Your Day


Folks who work in the food delivery business can tell you that dealing with a large section of the public leads to some interesting experiences. These four stories will help you appreciate what the person bringing your next pizza, cup of noodles, or sandwich has to do to make your day a little easier and tastier.

This is Awkward

A pizza delivery guy from a major national chain pulled up to the curbside near a residence only to spot another person from a competing chain already standing at the door. He checked his GPS and verified that the address was right, and then he ventured forth with his indisputably superior pie. They both stood at the door and waited for the customer to dutifully appear, and both were treated nicely and tipped well. When they asked why the two pizzas, the answer was simply that the couple living there deeply disagreed on who made the better pie.

Take Me With You!

Sometimes the story happens after the delivery has been made. Having completed a delivery from a sandwich shop for a man who presented a notably low tip, one delivery man found himself being followed by two large but friendly dogs. He thought he had shooed them away successfully, only to discover they had snuck into the back of his vehicle. Both cooperated with getting out, but the dog's owner rendered no assistance.

Dude, Where's My Goat?

Food delivery services go further into the sticks than ever before, and one driver discovered the potential hazards. Upon completing his delivery, he was asked by the customer if he had seen a goat. The two men found the goat on top of the vehicle and had to coax it down.

Fire Station on Fire

Bringing a massive pizza to a fire company sounds like the formula for a big tip, but it also might get a little out of hand. A delivery person showed up with a 36-inch pizza at a firehouse where a party was very clearly already in progress, indicated by at least 20 pizza boxes in a stack. As the one firefighter and the delivery person were working out payment and the tip, the pile of greasy pizza boxes caught fire. The firefighters didn't have anything to put it out and had to go next door for a fire extinguisher. They told the delivery person to keep the change.


5 August 2018

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