Working With A Caterer For Your Event

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Hosting an event that includes food for people attending can add a lot of stress to the planning process. If you are planning a party or gathering and need some help with the food, a party catering service can do a lot of things for you to ensure that people are fed, allowing you to focus on other parts of the party. 

Planning a Menu

When you are working with a caterer for your party, planning the menu is often the hardest part. The caterer will figure out what they need to feed everyone, and how much food they need to buy. 

The menu, however, is something that you have to work with them on, but they may have some suggestions that are fast and delicious. If you have a theme, let the caterer know and they can suggest food items that fall into that theme; or, if you have a specific food that you want to serve, you can ask if the caterer can prepare it.

Food Preparation

Most catering companies prep and cook the food for your event off-site and bring it to the party ready to serve. There are some exceptions, but talk to your caterer about whether or not they need to have space in the kitchen for cooking on the day of the event.

If you're holding the event or party outside or at a venue that does not have a kitchen, the caterer will either set up a portable kitchen on location or bring the food to the event ready to eat. 

Serving the Food

If you need people to serve food at your party, talk to your catering company and see if they have people that they work with or can provide servers for the event. The caterer may work with a company to provide servers, or they may have some part-time employees that they bring in for special events that are trained to serve food. 

If the servers are going to roam around through the crowd with food trays, they need to know how to keep the food safe and clean and be able to engage people and tell them about the food they are serving. 

Talk to your caterer about servers well in advance of the event so that you can hire some if they do not provide them for you. There are services that you can use for serving food and drinks at the party, but they will need to know how large the event is and what date you need people far enough in advance to book servers for you.

You can reach out to companies like Marians Island Wide Catering for more information.


6 December 2019

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