Funny Food Delivery Stories That'll Brighten Your Day


Folks who work in the food delivery business can tell you that dealing with a large section of the public leads to some interesting experiences. These four stories will help you appreciate what the person bringing your next pizza, cup of noodles, or sandwich has to do to make your day a little easier and tastier. This is Awkward A pizza delivery guy from a major national chain pulled up to the curbside near a residence only to spot another person from a competing chain already standing at the door.

5 August 2018

What You Need To Know Hosting A Holiday Feast For Grown Ups


Now that you've graduated from college, got your first professional job, rented your own apartment, and even bought some real furniture, dishes, and other household effects, you're probably looking ahead to holiday entertaining in your home. You're probably longing to show off your matching dishes, silverware, and glassware, so why not plan a holiday dinner party? Dinner parties provide an ideal way to bring together loved ones for a holiday celebration, but few things are more uncomfortable than a dinner party gone wrong.

1 August 2018

How To Distribute Organic Bread Before It Goes Bad


Organic food is touted as being healthier for you because it has no preservatives or additives that keep the food fresh for days on end. While that is certainly something  that may be of interest to you, you would have to learn how to eat things quickly before all of your organic foods go bad. If you work for bakeries and/or food pantries that serve up organic bread, it is even more important to keep things fresh.

31 July 2018