How To Distribute Organic Bread Before It Goes Bad


Organic food is touted as being healthier for you because it has no preservatives or additives that keep the food fresh for days on end. While that is certainly something  that may be of interest to you, you would have to learn how to eat things quickly before all of your organic foods go bad. If you work for bakeries and/or food pantries that serve up organic bread, it is even more important to keep things fresh.

Organic bread distribution has to happen within the first twenty-four hours. Otherwise, the bread has to be thrown away. Here is how organic bakeries and food pantries can keep organic bread from "turning" too quickly.

Label It, Date It, and Freeze It

Yes, freezing bread is not great, but it beats throwing food out. As a bakery, you can make organic bread dough in advance, label it on the container, and date it so you know the age of the dough. If you give bread to the local food pantries to feed the poor, you can place unsold bread in bread bags after you wrap it with aluminum foil. Be sure to date any unsold bread so that people at the food pantry and the people they help know when to throw the bread away. As a food pantry volunteer, make sure you tell visitors to the pantry that this bread is organic and needs to be frozen or consumed quickly.

Single Day Distribution

If the bread is not frozen, make sure it goes to a shelter, food pantry, or soup kitchen within a single day. Most organic bread, and organic food in general, does not last longer than four days. If the pantry, shelter, or soup kitchen does not use or give the bread away within the next two days, or freeze it, it will have to be tossed.

In hot weather, organic bread begins to spoil even faster, so it is very important that it is used right away. If the bread is given away within two days or less of baking, it will not be "fresh," but it will still be edible for another day or two. (As a bakery, you can write donated bread off as a tax deduction; you cannot do that if the bread goes in the dumpster behind your shop.) The bread can also be refrigerated, but it tends to get a little "stale," unless you like eating it that way.


31 July 2018

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