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Islamic practices involve slitting the throat of an animal and letting the blood drain entirely from the carcass. Meat that is butchered following the slow draining of the blood is referred to as halal meat. Halal meat patties often lack the iron-like taste that non-halal meat products possess.

Halal Butchering Practices

Halal meat products are butchered under the same principles as other meat products. Halal meat will not be mixed with non-halal meat during the butchering process. Knives, grinders, and other essentials that a butcher shop uses may be designated solely for the halal products that a butcher shop is preparing for human consumption.

Meat products will be cut, ground, weighed, and packaged in a consistent manner. Halal burgers can be purchased from many casual and fine-dining restaurants. Raw patties can be purchased from some grocery retailers and subscription meat product companies.

Burger Basics

An individual does not need to follow Islam practices and beliefs to consume halal meat. If you are curious as to how different this type of meat will taste compared to the taste you are accustomed to experiencing when consuming non-halal meat products, purchase a halal burger that has been prepared to order or purchase some raw halal patties or ground products that can be used to prepare some custom burgers.

If you are going to make your own burgers, use your favorite condiments and toppings to elevate the taste of each cooked patty. If you would like to use a unique approach to preparing custom burgers, consider using fillings or some gourmet toppings and spices to enhance the flavor of each patty. A burger press can be used to shape each patty. The use of a press will minimize the amount of time that you will need to manually handle raw meat.

A stuffed burger press is an alternate tool that can be used to prepare and fill a halal burger. If you use a specialized press like this, you can add melted cheese, chili, or a vegetable mix to the center of each halal burger you prepare. Because blood is drained completely prior to the butchering process, the halal burgers you consume may not have the metallic taste that is associated with iron-rich blood.

Your burger cooking efforts can involve grilling, baking, or frying each halal patty that you create. If you enjoy the taste of your first halal burger, consider buying more halal burgers or meat products for your next family feast or for another special occasion.

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12 October 2022

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