Drawing New Business To Your Mexican Restaurant: 3 Special Events To Host

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Drawing new business to your Mexican restaurant can seem like a challenge at times, but thinking outside of the box can help create more interest in your business. Hosting special events in your restaurant can be a great option for getting people inside your dining room who might not have otherwise walked through the door. Here are some special events to consider to make your restaurant stand out from the crowd.

1. Weekly Cooking Class

One way to demonstrate the expertise of your kitchen staff is to host a weekly cooking class. Identify a section of your restaurant you can use for this purpose, such as a corner of the dining room or even a private dining room. Work with your chefs to identify items from your menu, or from Mexican cuisine in general that you wish to share with the public. 

Consider simple items, such as guacamole or salsa for the first class, and then add more complex dishes once you have a regular group of students attending. Offer discounts on drinks or an after-class meal as an added benefit for attending the class.

2. Tequila Tastings

If your restaurant has a bar, consider hosting a tequila tasting night. Your bartenders can identify several tequilas that have distinct characteristics to use at the tasting event. Have your kitchen staff create some food pairings for each tequila. These foods should be in an appetizer format so you can keep costs low and keep attendees interested in staying for a meal. You may even want to put the pairing suggestions on your menu to invite diners to order specific dishes and add onto sales with the purchase of tequila.

3. Family Nights

Parents are often hesitant about bringing their children to new restaurants, as it can be difficult to determine if they are kid-friendly or not. Hosting a family night every week can provide that reassurance to families while giving kids something fun to look forward to when going out to dinner. 

Consider offering free or discounted meals for children under a certain age, and be sure to have some fun giveaways for the little ones. These giveaways can be as simple as paper hats with your restaurant name on them, or they can include coloring books and puzzles to keep little ones occupied while they wait for their meal. This night is a great option for having live entertainment, such as a mariachi band, to keep the event fun for adults and kids alike.

Use these ideas to inspire you and your staff when coming up with special events for your restaurant, and consider other options to generate a buzz. Fundraiser nights and themed discount nights are other great options to consider. Click here for additional info on choosing a restaurant near you.


7 July 2018

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