Bakery Supplies You Should Always Have In Your Kitchen

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While you don't call yourself a gourmet chef, you do know your way around a kitchen. You wish your kitchen were better stocked with the tools you need for cooking, particularly baking. Here are baking supplies you should always have in your kitchen even if you only bake periodically.

Pizza Pans

A pizza pan is different than a classic baking pan. A pizza pan is often thinner and rounder than a traditional baking pan and is designed to create crispy, even crusts for your favorite foods. Invest in pizza pans of several styles and sizes, from classic personal servings to large deep-dish pans for Chicago-style pizza making.

Pizza pans come in metal, ceramic, or even stone materials. The type of pizza pan you should buy is dependent upon your budget, your cooking skills, and the type of oven you use. In most cases, a classic metal pan is fine for your kitchen.

Measuring Supplies

You need both measuring cups and spoons to make your baking adventures a success. Invest in measuring items that come in half or quarter amounts to eliminate guesswork. Keep these supplies together in a stack so you have the measuring unit available right when you need it.

Rolling Pin

Rolling pins come in hefty weights to bear down on heavy and stubborn dough. A classic wooden rolling pin is fine, although this type of rolling pin requires extra cleaning since wood is porous.

You can also invest in a marble, ceramic, or heavy plastic rolling pin. A rolling pin should be wide enough to create wide circles of dough for pies or biscuits.

Cutting Board

A cutting board is essential for your cooking success. You need a cutting board that is easy to clean so stay away from lightweight plastics or wood that scratches will get left behind in.

Choose a cutting board that is easy to work with in a metal or natural stone design. A cutting board that has a handle on it will be easiest to cut with.

Some cutting boards can be engraved with a name or quote so they double as decor as well as baking supplies. When using a cutting board for vegetables and meats, spray the board clean between uses to prevent food contamination.

There are many supplies you can find at your local bakery or cooking supply store. For all the bakery supplies and tools you need, talk to a chef or baking specialist.


1 August 2018

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