Are You Hosting A Major Outdoor Celebration? 4 Tips For Safely Handling The Use Of Ice

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Outdoors is the place to be for staying healthy during the current pandemic. Whether you are throwing a corporate gathering or a family reunion, having enough ice on hand is essential for keeping your guests happy throughout the duration of the event. While ice is typically stored at temperatures that prevent bacterial growth, there are some pointers to know about protecting your guests from being exposed to contaminated ice. Just follow these tips and enjoy watching everyone enjoy the outdoor celebration you've planned.

Buy From a Reputable Ice Supplier

Ice is affordable enough that there is no reason to skimp on this portion of your party. Although it might be tempting to pick up a few bags from your store or even make your own, the truth is that there is more that goes into providing ice than what appears at first glance. Special event ice from a professional supply company will arrive clean and free of contaminants from the very beginning. You'll also have options for ice that help you make sure that there is enough and the right kinds to keep food cold.

Keep Beverage Ice Clean

Food and beverage ice should not be mixed. Ice for drinks should be stored in a separate container that never comes into contact with food. Drink cans and bottles should also be stored separate from the ice. This ensures that anything on the outside of the bottle does not contaminate the ice. It also helps to avoid the issue of having people pick up drinks and put them back into the ice.

Provide Hand Sanitizer and Tongs

Anyone who handles the ice should practice stringent hand washing hygiene. If you do not have a hand washing station available, then provide a bottle of hand sanitizer near the ice station. Tongs or an ice scoop should also be located near the ice so that people do not use their hands. Finally, place a sign nearby that reminds people to use the tongs or scoop and place it in the designated location after use. Utensils should not be left in the ice bin since this could cause contamination.

Use Different Types of Ice

Event ice comes in several different varieties that you can use to differentiate whether or not it is for food or beverages. For instance, cocktail ice is in smaller chunks. Placing this near the drinks makes it clear that this is what it is meant to be used for. Food ice can come in blocks or large chunks that take longer to melt. Letting your event staff know which ice to use and where helps to keep drink ice clean.


13 July 2020

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