Buffet Safety Measures That Your Catering Service Can Employ

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If you'll be hiring a catering service to provide a buffet-style meal for an upcoming event, one thing that may be on your mind is ensuring the safety of your guests. In the COVID-19 age, many people have shied away from visiting buffets over concerns about other people being in close contact with the food. Fortunately, you can safely offer a buffet-style experience to your guests — as long as you take the right approach. Catering services are conscientious about safety and can use the following safety measures at your event.

Masked Servers

While the catering service can prepare a buffet of any type of food for your event, you may ask for employees of the catering service to give your guests the food instead of having people get it themselves. This simple change can help your guests to feel comfortable about what they eat. You can expect that the servers will wear masks and will follow all necessary safety protocols. When your guests approach the buffet, they can identify which foods they want and simply make their requests to the closest server. The server can then place the food directly on their plate.

Clear Shields Around The Food

Instead of having an open-style buffet, you may feel better about the food being covered in some manner. Many catering services will offer you the option of having clear shields in front of the food and over it. The presence of the shields will allow your guests to clearly see what each dish looks like, but there won't be any risk of people breathing on the food. The only people with direct access to the food will be the servers — who, of course, will be wearing masks.

Bottled Drinks

At buffet-style events, it's common for there to be numerous pitchers of drinks that people can use to fill their glasses. Another slight change that you may wish to discuss with your catering service is to have bottled beverages available. Many of your guests may feel more comfortable with this idea because other guests won't be touching their drinks. Your catering company can suggest a few different methods of offering bottled drinks to your guests. For example, one option could be a large cooler that people can approach to grab what they want. Contact a local catering service to discuss these and other ideas that relate to offering a buffet-style meal that will ensure the safety and comfort of your guests.


11 August 2021

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